Warning Open Letter To Everyone That Lives Around Ikorodu lagos

Hello Nigerians,
Before we get talking, here is a Quick Prayer for all Naijaloadites/Nigerians “ May the legs that God gave us to hustle not take us to where we will be killed” – AMEN!!
Ikorodu boys are seriously Angry and won’t even hesitate or waste anytime to Kill anyone they Suspect as a Badoo member even if you are properly dressed.
At this daring moments even if person no be
Badoo Member, it is wiseful of you to know that now is not a good time to be doing crayfish waka in Ikorodu.
Here are basic precautions/preventive measures to take to avoid being lynched when you are in a tense area
» Do not carry anything you cannot easily explain if approached.
» Do not carry Grinding stones or Mortal/Pestle.
» Do not carry anything like Engine oil or Diesel pour inside a Table water Plastic.
» Never move around with numerous Handkerchiefs and ATM cards.
If you’re an inhabitant of Ikorodu, you should ensure:-
1. You must dress decently and appropriately on your way out, avoid saggy wears and trousers.
2. You must have a decent haircut and not dreadlocks.
3. No ear piercing, No Tattoos on the body and if you have one be sure to put on long sleeve on your way out.
1. Ensure you Move around with your ID Cards.. If you get stuck for any reason, go to the nearest police station, be sure to have a means of identification such as Id-Card, Work Tags.
2. Ensure you arrive home earlier than the usual, avoid keeping late nights, avoid streets wanderings during daytime and night times.
3. When home be sure to properly lock all doors, windows and burglary, avoid coming out unnecessary when home, stay indoor at night.
Also, be observant. Take note of the faces in your locality, be bold to accost or approach any unregullar or suspicious faces seen in your neighborhood for interrogation/questioning.
Be sure to inform your external or visiting friends and families living outside ikorodu about the current situation in your locality so they also stay security conscious and adhere to the preventive measures so as not to be misidentified.
It will be very difficult to convince Ikorodu people as this moment that youre not a badoo or cult member if caught or apprehended breaching any of the above listed security tips.
Therefore, we should ensure we abide by this piece of advice so that we stay on the safe side as the punishments melted by the angry mob on any person caught is jingle justice (brutality death).
So it is left for the wise to avoid non-essential trips to Ikorodu for now, especially at odd hours. Dead men tell no tales. May the legs that God gave us to hustle not take us to where we will be killed.
Written by Akpan Joshua Daniel to the masses.

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