Too much money: See how Kogi plans to share N4.2 b

The Federation Account Allocation Committee meeting for the month of September 2017 was held yesterday in Abuja.

Kogi state statutory allocation for the month of August is N3,338,804,988.52 as against N2,195,137,453.33 received in the month of July. The Value Added Tax (VAT) for the month of August is N909,135,970.86 as against the July figure of N855,038,409.84. The state gross statutory distributable income for the month of August is N4,247,940,959.38.

The 21 Local Government Areas in Kogi state received statutory allocation of N2,892,258,683.28 as against the figure of N1,923,794,368.34 for the month of July. Also the VAT figures for August is N620,482,976.92 as against N582,236,382.71for the month of July.

Conclusively, there was an increase of gross statutory revenue of N1,197,765,096.21 and N916,738,313.64for state and local government respectively for the month of August compared to the previous month of July.

Our decision to make the figures public is in line with our policy of transparency, efficiency and accountability to the people of our dear state.


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