Soldier Recognizes Woman From Facebook At A Military Checkpoint. See What He Told Her

A Nigerian lady identified as Ay Nana, revealed how she was recognized by a solider at a military checkpoint in Adamawa state. According to her, she paid a visit to her village in Adamawa and was recognized by a soldier when they reached a checkpoint near her village as she and other travelers were told to remove their coverings due to security situation in the area.

The lady disclosed that she was shocked after the soldier recognized her and even labelled her a trouble maker on Facebook.

Below is what she shared on the social media platform.

The last time I saw my daddy’s grave… was extremely beautiful. His elder sister took care of it, she sold one of his house for N600 to cement the place to make it look that beautiful. His sister died some years ago, and am not sure if anyone took care of it since then, but boko haram did not make it any better. I went to the village yesterday and by Allah boko haram don’t mean a damn thing…..we all know hell is waiting for them. I give it up to all the soldiers along that axis, and the soldiers in and around our homes.

A soldier recognised me from Facebook…..I was shocked. We got to a checking point near my village where we had to get off the car and walk…..I was sort of limping plus the sun, it wasn’t funny at all. We also had to remove any covering and leave it in the car as you can see me in this picture looking like a hundred and ninety days tired bride.

The next thing I heard was…..”Nana so na like this you small like ant, chai I don suffer, and you go dey Facebook dey find trouble’ I almost fainted……to make it even sweeter…..he said ‘

you and Cyber Agbero aka Ijeoma Ogbulie Eugene can sabi find trouble for Africa, that one wey suppose be Nigerian Military Spokes woman’. I was like…..just shoot me, I wanted to jump on him with the biggest hug ever, but I respected my self cause I may end up frenching him.

He refused to tell me his name or his Facebook name. Just like my brother, A Bala Usman that can hide his face for Africa but he is a great soja man fighting for us. There is a lot to talk about….let me leave it alone fes.

May Almighty punish all participants of Boko Haram severely.

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