REVEALED!! See Actress Regina Daniels Boyfriend Who Calls Her His Wife (Photos)

If your wondering if the actress is still a virgin, NOPE, she’s not, especially after seeing how she gets cozy with her boyfriend! I guess as she has finally turned 17years old she can do what ever she likes, Regina Daniels has got a boyfriend who calls her his wife, the couple have been sharing romantic photos of themselves, and trust your gossip queen Ebiwali, i got my fingers on them..

He calls her all manner of romantic names like Baby, Love of my life, C’mon this girl is young, probably when she grow older she’ll realise it wasn’t love after all..

Which brings to conclusion that she, Regina isn’t a virgin, even tho she’s yet to clock 18, Am sure that boy is not even more than 22..

It could be that she’s the one feeding him, but who cares right?

Anyways see their romantic posts and loved up photos below!



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