Revealed: 4 Reasons Why Women With Big Backsides Attract Most Men

Women with big butts know that they cause a stir anywhere they. This is because big butts are one of the sweetest female parts that attracts men–and other women.

Some men are obsessed with big butts.

It makes them go gaga. Some men even get turned on when they see women with big butts. It’s one of the first thing they discover in women. And other ladies with small butts feel intimidated.

Big butts cannot be hidden for obvious reasons.

Not only does women with big butts know that they are been seen each time they move around, it also boost their confidence.

Also, it tends to build up their low self esteem to a high one.

This is exactly the reason why buttocks augmentation or Brazillian butt lift is on the rise among women. No one wants to be left behind in the race to having big butts.

Some female celebrities have successfully built a brand out of their big butties. Celebrities such as Beyonce, Kim Kardashian, Nicki Minaj, and others.
But is it worth it?

More and more women are dying every day as a result of illegal and sometimes legal butt augmentation.

Recently, Kim Kardashian’s doctor was quoted to have said that her bum is too big and out of control. He even issued a warning to all women out there who are not satisfied with their butts.

So, what’s the fuss about big butts?

Here are some of the reasons why women with big butts attracts most men:

1. Self confidence

Men are attracted to confident women . And women with natural big butts have self confidence.

The keyword here is natural. This doesn’t mean that they have self confidence only because of their big butts.


Having big butts only adds to their confidence.

This can be seen in all they do especially when they walk. They do so with with boldness without paying attention (maybe or maybe not?) to the numerous stares — which can sometimes make them uncomfortable.

2. Attraction

Men have different tastes in women .

Some men like to go out with women with heavy backsides while some other men might want women with just portable butts.

But for some reasons, the former seems to be prevalent among modern men.
Some men prefers to be seen with women with big backsides because of the attraction they get. It’s an ego thing among men. It raises their profile and makes them feel on top of the world.

Imagine a man’s thought when he sees a hot woman:

“Each time she goes out, especially when she’s on hot gown. Oh my! You really need to see her, she’s always looking astonishing, beautiful and elegant.”

“Whenever women with big butts are on panties — I’m talking of trousers. you really need to see those hot curves. Hoty! Hoty! They are always a delight to be seen with any day.”

If some men are not careful, they’ll end up kicking their girlfriend or wife who doesn’t seem to have a big butt out of their lives.

3. Marketing

For a while now, big butt ladies have been a major marketing strategy in many industries.

The musical industry isn’t excluded. They prefer seeing or making use of ladies with heavy back sides in their videos.

But why do these people “hypersensualize” women especially those with big butts?

They do that simply because sex and nudity sells in advertising . It promotes their videos on time and also attract views to musical videos.

Those with little back sides usually feel intimidated seeing women with heavy back sides.

So, so as not to feel intimidated by the ones with bigger back sides, they go for artificial butts fixing or put on padded pants. Little do they know that artificial can never be like natural.

Even at that, these have side effects that can even be deadly.

4. Sexuality

Another reason why most men love women with heavy backsides is the mentality that these women are always very sweet on bed when compared to the ones who aren’t endowed.

Is this really true?

What has having big butts got to do with being a better lover?

Scientifically, men are genetically wired to be attracted to curvy women . Women with big butts tends to have lot of admirers.

Their admirers don’t care if they are engaged or not. Both young and old men are fantasizing about having a woman with big butts. All they want from the woman is a YES!

How embarrassing.

There’s an adage that says men are moved by what they see and not by touch. So, seeing a woman in that aspect gets a lots of men carried away. They don’t mind doing anything or promising heaven and earth….just to get that woman.
It turns their heads. It gets them thinking. It even give some of them sleepless nights.

However, quantity isn’t quality at all. And can never be. So the same characteristics they see can also get them irritated if not properly maintained by the woman.

Some women don’t know how to package themselves well. And this has nothing to do with the size of their backsides. If you know you fall into this category, learn to wear tight panties that will hold your heavy thighs properly so that you do not look so loose.

You should be full of confidence. It doesn’t matter if you have big butts or not. Your confidence is not defined by the shape or size of your butts but by how much value you place on yourself.

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