President Buhari To Announce His Resignation On National Broadcast On Monday

The recent journey of the Nigerian President Muhammadu Buhari to the United Kingdom on May 7,2017 has been the most controversial and heated amongst similar visits in the past. Buhari’s frequent visits have been for medical attention over an undisclosed ailment rumoured to be cancer.

The attention the latest medical vacation that have lasted over 100 days has attracted may not be unconnected to the resurgent of the main opposition party, the Peoples’ Democratic Party, PDP after the Supreme Court verdict as well as the loss of patience by some Nigerians. The past two weeks have witnessed series of verbal attacks on President Buhari including local and international protests urging Him to #return or #resign.

While the local front was championed by self-acclaimed area-father, Charly Boy, the international front was spearheaded by some concerned Nigerians who have increasingly become uncomfortable with the stagnation in the country due to the absence of the president.

While President Buhari has remained unperturbed about the protests insisting that he was awaiting the final order from his doctors in London, the protests took a different dimension with groups loyal to him (Buhari) also displaying their loyalty and solidarity. Both Pro and Anti-Buhari protests have been greeted by accusations of being sponsored by
individuals or groups with differing interests.

In the midst of the protests, some influential Nigerians turned Abuja House into the new Mecca with the recuperating President receiving various visitors almost on a daily basis and snapping photos with them all. This act resuscitating the hope of Buharians who were almost falling for the Fayose-FFK-collabo that Buhari was already dead in London.

Interesting enough, while some Nigerians based in London were on a vigil in front of the Buhari-London resident few hours ago, the President continued to laugh at them while watching the local TV Station, NTA until He slept off. Unknown to the protesters, Buhari’s luggage were already arranged enroute back to His country.

In a statement by Special Assistant to the President on Media and Publicity, Femi Adesina early Saturday, the big news was finally released out of the bag-Buhari is set to return to Nigeria today. Adesina quickly extended Buhari’s appreciation to all Nigerians who had continued to pray for His recovery and safe return.

The Presidential Spokesperson also revealed that the President on His arrival will address the nation on Monday 21 st August 2017. This is exactly what some Nigerians have been longing for-to hear from their president directly and not mere dumb pictures. True to Adesina’s earlier statement, the big eagle finally arrived Saturday evening in grand style with lots of excitements from different parts of the country.

Journalists of course were disappointed as Presidential Protocol Officers didn’t allow them to engage the new-bride President. Maybe they too have to wait till the Presidential Address on Monday.

On Monday, what will Buhari finally tell Nigerians? What will He tell those who had long expected his corpse? What will he tell those who had prayed terribly and trusted God, sorry Allah for His safe return in perfectly restored health. Against the expectations of many Nigerians, there are indications that President Buhari will announce His resignation in that much awaited national address. Yes, His RESIGNATION .

Recall that as the health of President Buhari had continued to rise more fears from different sections and interests in the country, the gang of “king-makers” had at various times had meetings either together or separately with the President.

Some of those meetings were not just to ascertain the health issues of the President but strong suggestions were made by some of this gang for the President to consider resigning in case He is convinced His health won’t allow Him to continue to perform the rigorous tasks required of His office.

Olusegun Obasanjo, Yakubu Gowon, Abdusalami Abubakar and Ibrahim Baban gida, you remember them?

Taking a closer look at the recent pictures of the president that has been trending on social media, it is extremely doubtful if the President is now strong enough to resume office. What is informing His recent decision to return to the country may not be far-fetched as all seem not certainly well with Mr.President.

A source close to the presidency disclosed to Suanu’s Blog that the President is seriously considering the option of stepping aside so as to take proper care of his health and allow for the smooth running of the country. “Mr.President is worried about the spate of events in the country.

From the IPOB agitations, the reciprocal reaction of Arewa Youths, the problems of herdsmen, the economic challenges, similar threats for secession by the Yorubas, the Niger Delta, the Middle Belt and others, and the recent local and international protests that have taken an embarrassing dimension.

The country seems more divided than ever and the President is aware that His absence due to ill-health isn’t helping the provision of the leadership and good governance Nigerians expected”.

On whether Mr.Buhari had revealed this to His Aides, the source said, “At the moment, it is a top secret. The president has decided to keep His tentative plans from many of its aides because of the various interests surrounding him and how they may react differently. Buhari is an elder statesman who is so passionate about this country.

He has made several sacrifices to keep this country together and prosperous and history will be favourable to Him in this regard. All the President wants is what will be in the best interest of the country and not to service the interest of just few persons” the source explained.

If Mr.President takes the path of this rare bravery, He will leave several Nigerians including His loyalists and supporters extremely shocked. However, Buhari’s dilemma is better imagined as the presidential cabal who will be greatly affected have tried tremendously in the past to persuade Him against considering the option of resigning from an office He has repeated tried to get to but failed on three occasions.

Like in the days of President YarAdua, the cabal are bent on managing Mr.Buhari no matter the state of His health at least till the end of His tenure in 2019.

Whether Buhari will show utmost patriotism and announce His resignation on Monday or the cabal in the villa will succeed in convincing him otherwise, Monday’s National Address will certainly reveal that. To many Nigerians, their happiness is that Mr.President is back, while to others, it is all about how strong he is to continue in the capacity of the President of the most populous black people on earth or otherwise.

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