PLEASE HELP US! Our Landlord Is Torturing Us And We Are Confused On What To Do

Hello fellow Naijaloadites, how have you been?

I have an issue, and I am so confused about what to do, that was why I came here.

I’m gonna go straight to the point.

Furthermore, I moved into this small house in Abuja due to pressure from the people I was staying with before now which required that I moved out quickly from there.

After searching for a house to stay in within the shortest possible time, I finally settled for this one I’m staying in right now. I paid fully for the house in the presence of about three witnesses that is to say I am not owing a dime.

As with every house, there are agreements binding the tenants and landlords and some of mine includes paying of water and light bill.

Now the issue is that whenever we pay our light bill, after about a week or two it gets disconnected due to the outstanding balance of about N50,000 which is small compared to what so many people are owing in Nigeria but still have their electricity intact and from what I heard he was the one who kept refusing to pay the bills whenever it was given to him by past tenants and hence it accumulated.

The landlord promised to fix the prepaid metre when I was moving in but until now he still hasn’t and we the tenants have been suffering dearly for this.

Every time the PHCN guys come around, he fights and insults them and this I believe is the reason they have refused to be lenient with us which is what he has been doing to us, the tenants too.

At a point, I even reported him to the police for subtly threatening me verbally and angrily, and he was picked up for questioning and ever since then, he started avoiding having any confrontation with me.

Now the issue is that we haven’t had electricity for over a month now in our compound while our surrounding neighbours constantly have light in their houses. This has made us suffer greatly. Note that we don’t owe the light bill.

We pay whenever there’s a new bill and like I stated before, just after a week or two, we get disconnected again, and we go ahead to buy wires, get and pay the person to help reconnect it. This has been going on since I moved in here. I later heard that other tenants suffered the same with him.

I can’t remember the last time I ironed my clothes in my house, charged my phone or even watched TV all because of this guy’s cruelty.

I had to resort to getting a generator to enable me to get light and enjoy a bit of a fan whenever I get back from work.

My fridge has been lying dormant as I no longer use it to store cooked food.

All these have cost me and is still costing me money. I now buy fuel almost every time, eat out because I can no longer cook and store the food in my fridge. He lives in the compound and doesn’t care.

My question is this: what can be done to get us out of this misery this heartless guy has put us into? Please we need all the help we can get.

The other two tenants are already overwhelmed with the whole situation.

Please We Need All The Help We Can Get.

I will be in the comments section.

The location is Abuja. Thanks.

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