P-square Illuminati sacrifice story true?

Celebrities all over the world always attract a lot of interests and gossips. And every once in a while, you will hear a rumour that just sounds completely ridiculous. Nigerian celebrities are not an exception. A lot of people often search for information about Nigerian celebrities in Illuminati. As a result of this, there are blogs and media that like to add fuel to the fiery topic. Today we are going to analyze the rumours about the possibility of P-square Illuminati sacrifice. These rumours appeared on the Internet after the death of the twins’ mother.

P-square illuminati sacrifice is it true?

This news was really strange. It was believed that the P-square duo (brothers Paul and Peter Okoye) sacrificed their mother in order to get financial wealth from the ‘higher powers’. One of the heartbreaking things about the rumour was that it came at an unfortunate time. It was around the time the famous brothers lost their mother, making them orphans. The father of the Okoye brothers died in 2015 and their mum passed away a couple of years later after a long battle with diabetes.

P-square mom

While someone believed this rumor, others doubted its possibility. These assumptions amazed minds of sane people who are not even capable of imagining such savagery. Even the idea that loving sons could sacrifice their own mother seems completely insane and unbelievable. The rumours would only have been spread by people who are more interested in scandals than in focusing on the true facts.

Think about it logically, the stars had already become successful long before their mother’s illness and death, so it is simply unreasonable to link these two circumstances. 62-year-old Josephine Okoye had diabetes and as we all know, this illness often results in death.

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P-square reaction on the cruel rumors

When the musicians were asked about the death of their mother, the guys answered that, of course, it was a big loss for them, but only God knows when each person will come into the world and when they will leave it. This is the usual order of things. Children should bury their parents, not vice versa. Of course, their mother should not have died so young and this saddens them greatly.

The musicians were heartbroken when they learned that people blamed them for their mother’s death. They were also shocked when they heard that there were people who truly believed she was "sacrificed".

Reacting to the gossip, the brothers said: "We are short of words. Why would anybody say such things about us? Well, the fact remains that we do not belong to any secret cult, whether Illuminati or anything you call it. We owe our achievements and everything that is happening to us to Almighty God. Yes I will say it again and again. We are really blessed by God not by illumi sh*t!"

P-square at their mother's funeral

The brothers say they try not to think about the accusations. People are free to think and say whatever they want. The musicians just can’t believe how far rumour-mongers would go. Their mother’s priceless life could not be equated with fame and money. The only force that is to blame for this situation is a serious, deadly illness. It can take away any life suddenly and without warning.

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