Need A New Phone? Here Is Your Smartphone Buying Guide – 8 Tips To Finding The Right Phone

Straight to the point, smartphones have redefined almost every aspect of our lives. Easy communication, addictive gaming, super fast internet connection, attractive user interface, file sharing, and more have been utilized like never before. Sometimes, you wonder how the world coped without mobile technology.

Even older people cannot imagine how life was before the advent of the apps and various social media platforms we all benefit from today.

In Nigeria, more than 4 million mobile phones are sold in a month. Smartphones are coming with new features everyday in such a way that new ones are bound to hold more utility than previous ones.

With the array of mobiles online, how do you pick one that suits you? What should you consider when buying a smartphone? We have taken an in-depth look at this topic and hereby present you with the eight most important tips.

We’ll be straight, no beating round the bush  :

1. Cost

Purchasing a mobile phone isn’t entirely different from any other purchase you make. The most important thing is to have a budget and ensure that you do not go over the top to buy a pocket device. Even though the benefits derived from a smartphone are huge, sometimes people would even evaluate you using your handheld device as the only criterion.

Yet, we do not recommend that you sacrifice huge sums to buy a phone. Therefore, it is important that you create a budget in mind. You may eventually go a few thousands of naira above or below your initial budget, just ensure the phone is worth the extra fee.

2. Operating System (OS)

Ever since computers became ubiquitous, software has championed the tech industry and such will continue. When you hold a smartphone, what you see is a beautiful design and the beautiful interface. But, what brings most of the functions to life is the OS.

There are two major OS in the industry today (Microsoft have openly decided not to produce any Windows OS phone, at least for now). The choice is between Apple’s iOS and Google’s Android. They both have numerous apps on their stores. But, the two platforms are different in operation.

Android is used and modified by mobile technology giants such as HTC, Samsung, et cetera; while iOS is limited to just Apple iPhone series. Each Android manufacturer tweaks the OS. As such, Tecno Android 8 and LG Android 8 won’t look the same. You should always look for the phone that promises upgrade to the latest OS versions.

3. Hardware

Software and hardware work together to give you a beautiful experience. Some of the things you should look out for are the RAM, ROM and processor. 1GB RAM is okay, but not good enough if the phone will be your main device. The least we recommend is 2GB. Your ROM size should be dependent on your media and app needs.

If you’re the type who downloads a lot of movies, games, and apps, we recommend at least a 16GB or 32 GB. The processor is the unit that connects your hardware and software. Most phones come with great processors. However, you should note that Snapdragon is the epitome of the mobile processor class

4. Camera

You can’t push aside the influence of capturing quality pictures and videos. In this social media dominance, everyone wants to look good even if it’s on screen. Yes, there are many apps you can use to edit pictures. However, the apps are optimised when the original picture is top quality.

Also, you don’t want to start editing all the pictures on your phone. That’s a huge task. So, the best is to have a quality phone camera.  Note this, 5MP or 20MP does not translate into quality camera. Mega Pixels only describe the stretch of your camera, not the quality.

Haven’t you seen two phones with similar MP but different quality? The difference is PPI (pixel per intensity). 264ppi is considered somewhat average. Samsung Galaxy have over 400 PPI. To get some real quality, get something close to 300 or more.

5. Battery

The battery capacity would have come above the camera quality because of the state of electricity in Nigeria. However, we know Nigerians still prioritize great selfies above battery – power banks are able standby. We won’t tell you to get a certain mAh of battery capacity.

Check the product listing, the manufacturer battery life might not be the exact thing you will get, but it will be very close. HTC phones do not come with massive mAh. iPhone X will have less than 3,000 mAh. But these phones still offer great battery life. While Infinix and Gionee offer 4,000+ mAh. It’s about you. Just know what’s good for you.

6. Screen Size and Resolution

The size of your phone will largely determine the ease of use. People with smaller palms will find it difficult operating a 6 inch phone which isn’t a big deal for those with bigger palms. Your preference should determine this, not trend.

Screen quality is also very important. HD, AMOLED, FHD, Gorilla, etc. are now being deployed by various manufacturers. You would still need a good screen resolution to derive the most benefits from your phone. Video quality will be enhanced with a minimum screen resolution of 1920X1080.

7. Brand

The mobile phone market is filled with many players with an abundance of substandard manufacturers. While we are not saying you should stick to a brand, it is better not to patronize a brand that isn’t yet a big player, or a manufacturer noted for ill-quality products. Don’t lose money, time, phone, and possibly documents.

8. Connectivity and Bonus

4G LTE is here to stay. Goodbye to 3G. 4G saves you time and download worries. Buying a 3G phone isn’t bad. It’s just that a 4G device is better. You won’t experience network lag like you would using a 3G smartphone.

Even mid-range phones are offering fingerprint scanners. This kind of bonus is vital in the way you can easily unlock your phone and apps, snap pictures and receive calls. Other bonuses include face detection, water resistance, and wireless charging. These features are no more futuristic, they are now in vogue, and you should utilize them.

The most important things you should consider when buying a smartphone. With the above tips, you should get a wonderful phone irrespective of the numerous ill-quality mobile devices in the market today.

Did we tick all the boxes? Or you want to suggest a tip we missed? We’d be glad to read your comments.

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