My Girlfriend Smelled Of C0ndom Down There And I Broke Up With Her Immediately (Read FULL Gist)

Today On Link Up with Dan, We have this guy that broke up by perceiving the scent of condom on his so called Girlfriend.


Please guys, trust no girl wholeheartedly oo. Trust any girl at your own peril, if you fail to heed my warning. A girl I have been keeping for almost 2 years – with the hope of marrying her once I pass out from here in NDA – just disappointed me, thereby shattering me to pieces. Right now, am in pains.

I was given 3 days pass to enable me attend an important event at home. Before the permission, my supposed babe have been disturbing on how badly she needed to be sexed, and how distance has been a barrier to that effect. I kept telling her to hold her chill, that am gonna be back soon.

Although I had heard annoying stuffs about my babe – now an Ex, on how she was frolicking with different guys in my absence, but I was not deterred; simply because, I didn’t believe in her says.

Yesterday, she called and sent me sweet text messages as she normally do. I asked her to come over to my house around 4PM which she reluctantly obliged. But the way she sounded over the phone made it clear that she never wished to see me any time soon, maybe due to her schedules with other stuffs.

However, I pondered how my babe who has been disturbing and informing me on how ‘conjirized’ she is suddenly feel not too excited coming to see me despite being aware that I came home on Tuesday(17th) night.

Time ticked to 4pm yesterday, I didn’t see her. I exercised patience till 5pm before I gave her call, but she didn’t pick. I called for the second time but no picking again. I decided to hold down my anger and not to call her again for the day.

Around 15mins to 6pm, she called back saying that her phone was on silent. I ask why, and she told me she would explain when she reached my home that she was running short of airtime.

Finally, she came and apologized after explanation of what led to her phone being on silent. I asked her never to worry that am not holding anything against her, that she should be free.

However, situation changed the moment I tried making love with her as she undressed. Down her private part, I perceived the ‘SCENT of CONDOM’, and that was it. I inquired why she smells of condom there, but she couldn’t give me coherent and articulate answer.

Being furious, I slapped and pushed her out of my compound. Today in the afternoon, I sent her final warning to stay clear from me or I will shoot her skull to pieces.

Finally, guys be weary of whom you date. Most ladies out there are evil.

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