My Best 4 Infinix Android Smartphones Worth Buying – August 2017 Edition

My Best Infinix Android Smartphones Up Until August, 2017

#1. Infinix HOT 4

The infinix HOT 4 was released last year 2016. In August to be precise. The device is available in 3 variants; The Infinix HOT 4 lite, HOT 4, and the HOT 4 Pro.

Infinix hot 4 android phone price in Nigeria

I reviewed the HOT 4 sometime last year and up till date, the device still very much deserves a mention in my list of best infinix smartphones.

If you are on a budget, you can’t go wrong with the infinix HOT 4. The smartphone features a 4000 mAh battery, 8 megapixels back camera accompanied by 5 megapixels front facing camera. 1.3GHz Quad core processor, 2 GB RAM and 16 GB ROM.

Although the camera specs sounds below pal, it surprisingly takes good pictures.

In terms of battery, the device matches up to pal. The device features a 4000mAh battery and this conveniently last up to 2 days depending on usage.

In the design department, the device doesn’t match up. It features a plastic design and frankly, that’s kinda below pal in 2017.

Durability is also very crucial when it comes to smartphones, yeah? Well, what if I tell you the Infinix HOT 4 is still within reach till date? It actually is!

It’s been like a year since I got the device, used it for a few months before passing it on to my kid sister and till date, there hasn’t been any repairs done. There hasn’t been any need for one either.

The device still retains the strong battery lifespan, still takes nice pictures, still on the budget level, still performs very well and still maintains durability. The fingerprint reader is still as fast as it’s been.

You can check out my intensive review of the Infinix HOT 4 x557 HERE. Interested in buying? Use the buy now button below to buy on Jumia.

#2. Infinix Zero 4

Second on my list, is the Infinix Zero 4. The smartphone was launched alongside the Infinix Zero 4 Pro. Although I didn’t get to play with the Zero 4 Pro, I sure did with the former.

In my opinion, the major selling point of the infinix Zero 4 apart from performance, is the design. The device sure features a premium looking aluminum built design.

Infinix Zero 4 android smartphone

On the specs sheet, you are looking at a 64-bit MediaTek Octa-core processor, 3200 mAh battery, 16 megapixels back camera accompanied by 8 megapixels front facing camera. 3 GB RAM and 32 GB internal storage. Oh! There’s also 4G LTE connectivity support.

When it comes to a budget smartphone, the infinix Zero 4 can’t exactly be placed as one. It’s a premium device with a premium price tag.

In the durability department, I wouldn’t exactly give it to the Zero 4. Just after a month of usage, the device incurred a little crack in the screen display as well as the bumper camera glass.

The device isn’t currently in hand as it was stolen a couple of months back. Frankly, I still miss the phone :(.

You can check out my intensive review of the Infinix Zero 4 HERE. If you’d like to buy the device, please use the buy now button below.

#3. Infinix Note 4

First, would you consider a NGN 53,000 android smartphone in 2017 as a budget smartphone?

Infinix note 4 android smartphone

The Infinix Note 4 was launched in July, 2017 alongside the Infinix Note 4 Pro. And so far, the device has been commanding a lot of buzz. I also got to find out that the infinix Note 4 Pro is infinix mobility’s first device in India. Good stuff!

In terms of specs, the smartphone features a 4300mAh battery, 1.3GHz Octa-core processor, 13 megapixels back camera accompanied by 8 megapixels front facing camera. 2 GB RAM, 16 GB internal storage, Android Nougat OS customized with XOS.

The infinix Note 4 features a plastic design even though it looks metallic. However, the design can be described as sleek. It also has this nicely trimmed sides as seen on Samsung Edge devices.

Based on performance, the infinix Note 4 seem to be keeping up so far. Battery life has been on fleek. The device can conveniently last 2 days. Of course, this boils down to user usage.

In terms of durability, I am still currently using the device. Haven’t had any issues so far. No scratches, yet. However, it’d be in your best interest to consider using the screen protector which comes with the device, should you decide to buy the smartphone.

You can check out the Infinix Note 4 Unboxing and Quick Review HERE. Interested in buying the device? Please use the buy now button below.

#4. Infinix S2

Although I didn’t get to intensively use the Infinix S2, I really liked it based on hand-held first impressions.

The infinix S2 features a 5.2inch HD display, 2 GB RAM, 16 GB Internal storage capacity, 1.3GHz Octa-core processor, 3000 mAh battery, 13 Megapixels back camera accompanied by dual 13+8 megapixels front facing camera.

The device also meets up to pal in the design department as the device features a uni-body metal finishing with 2.5D same as the Zero 4.

Since I didn’t get to intensively use the device, there really isn’t much I can say. However, I did try out the camera against the Tecno Camon CX and it turned out good. The device is also tagged as a welfie camera shooter. The dual front facing camera set up is also a plus.

Bonus: The Infinix Zero 2

Surprised? Up until I received the infinix HOT 4, I still had the infinix Zero 2 within reach. This however, could be as a result of the fact that I didn’t get to intensively play with the Zero 3 though.

infinix zero x509 camera view

However, based on first impressions, I preferred the infinix Zero 2 design to that of the infinix zero 3. The zero 3 design is a complete replica of the zero 1. What’s new was just a bigger size.

The Infinix Zero 2 served properly during it’s time. I also didn’t had a course to repair the phone during the ‘years’ of usage until I eventually gave it to a friend.

Unfortunately, the infinix Zero 2 isn’t manufactured anymore. Hence, I understand it isn’t worthy to be on the list. But let’s give the device some slack. It deserves a mention.

So that’s it guys. That’s basically my best 4 Infinix Android smartphones so far up till August 2017.

Didn’t find your favorite infinix smartphone in the list? The list is actually based on devices I used or had a first hand experience with.

We’d like to hear from you. Which Infinix Android smartphone would you say is the best you’ve used or still using up till this very moment?

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