Latest Music: Aleqs Chizar – Ojiji (Prod By Al’Chizar)

With unequivocal skills, ALEQS CHIZAR remains one of the most consistent and crucial top notch rap artistes from the middle belt region whose ingeniousness cuts across various styles/forms of rap music.
 On this self-produced track titled #OJIJI, Aleqs Chizar goes haywire with energetic fast flows,  multisyllabic rhyme scheme, on-point deliveries and above all, a shrewd lyrics well code mixed in Igala and English language with an exotic sing-along hook. All these are well synchronised on a meticulously crafted instrumental to give a pleasant feel!
Instagram/Twitter: @al_chizar


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5 Comments on “Latest Music: Aleqs Chizar – Ojiji (Prod By Al’Chizar)”

  1. Aleqs Chizar should not change his Rap style… his voice is better on his former pattern.
    Am in Delta where people don’t know him but anytime l playd his song people must ask me who is this? jux bcox d like his style of music even wen dem don’t understand the lyrics although music has no language…. Ene Pls try n pass this message across. from his fan

  2. Aleqs chizar we know is nt easy may lord almighty regarded u in ur every clean show, me i am a igala boy from OFABO ofu LGA

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