How to use WhatsApp on computer without phone

How to use WhatsApp on computer without phone



  • First of all, you need to download an Android Emulator called BlueStacks on your PC. To do this, open your favorite browser and visit
  • Click on “Download BlueStacks” options on the website page.
  • After downloading the BlueStacks application, install it on your laptop.
  • After the application has finished installing, go to your desktop and double-click on the BlueStacks shortcut to open the application.
  • Once you’ve launched the application, you should see a list of popular applications. If WhatsApp is among them, select it and click on the install option.

Android apps available on bluestacks

  • After installation of WhatsApp on your computer, open the WhatsApp by double-clicking on it on the WhatsApp icon on your desktop.
  • You will be asked to provide your mobile phone number or home phone number. Enter the number and wait for a verification code which will be sent via SMS. If you are using a home phone number, you will see a verification failed message with a “Call Me” option on your system. Select the “Call Me” option, so that the code can be dictated to you over a voice message.
  • Once you have the verification code, enter it in the pop-up on your PC screen.
  • Your account will be created and ready for use if you entered the correct code.
  • You can now start chatting with your contacts from your computer.

WhatsApp on PC without phone

Now you know how to use WhatsApp on PC without a smartphone. You can also use other social messaging applications on BlueStacks. Note that there are other ways you can use WhatsApp on a laptop without a smartphone but this is by far the easiest and best of them all.

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