How to make pizza with bread slices in 3 easy steps pictures

Bread pizza is a quick and perfect option for one of those pizza night cravings. Here’s how you can one.

(Serious eat)

When you crave for a slice or two of pizza, and you can’t seem to get one around, just grab a loaf of sliced bread.

Pizza is one great meal we would rather go to the nearest fast food place around to order some than stand behind the kitchen counter to conjure.

So, what happens when we can’t seem to get one so easily probably because we’re in an environment where we can’t get one so quick and easy? We’re then left to either munch on something else or gulp a cup or two of water to fill in for the pizza.

Bread pizza (Serious eat)

But wait a minute, who says we can’t find a way out of our pizza problem? No one actually.

So, here’s how you can satisfy your pizza cravings by making some with bread slices.


1. 4 slices of bread

2. Tomato sauce (like ketchup)

3. Cheese

4. Shredded beef or chicken

5. Veggies, cherry tomato any other toppings of your choice.


1. Spread tomato sauce on the bread slices

Spread tomato sauce on the bread slices (Wikihow)

2. Add cheese, shredded beef, veggies and any other toppings you wish to.

Add cheese, veggies and other toppings of your choice (Raks kitchen)

3. Place it in the oven at 400 °F or 204 °C (you could even use a microwave). Leave it to cook for 5-10 minutes or till the bread turns slightly brown.

Slice your pizza and enjoy (Spicy treats)

There you go. Slice it and enjoy.

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