Governor Yahaya Bello Salaries Secret finally Reviewed in an Open Letter By Hon. ALFA RAPHAEL AGALAMA (HARA)


I sincerely hope you would get to read this letter.
We have never met, but I have spoken with you twice since your emergence as the executive Governor of Kogi state.

Before 2015 general election, you were nobody. You were crumbling from one political leader to another, begging for endorsement. You were so unpopular even among your kinsmen.

But today, God has lifted you to rule over his people. I advise you to have a rethink and go back to God.

If you could flash back to 16/04/2017, I was the person that called you on phone and complaint bitterly about the living standards of teachers and pensioners. You asked me if I’m aware that you have been paying salaries, and I replied "no" and you said I should go and find out.

After my findings, I was told that you have started paying salaries. That was when I called you on Sunday evening, with over joyous voice, thanking you for the smile you are putting on people’s faces.
I later discovered that out of 100 workers only two will see alert, others will be left at the messy of starvation.
Your excellency sir, those that are eating from your table will never tell you the truth. If you really want to know the truth, setup a pseudo account or use private company for a survey.

Dr. Tom Ohekire, Dino Melaye, Friday Makama were all your men. They stood for you when others were sleeping but today, they are your worst political enemies.

You have brought so much pains to the people God chose you to lead.

You have turned KSHA to a remote control, switching speakers like Telemundo and Z-World while your colleagues are using theirs to view El-clasico and Manchester derby.

H. E. If there is any way we have done wrong, forgive us. If you continue like this, we might not survive the remaining years.
Lastly, recall all the vigilante and disarm them.
Because, if they succeeded in killing us, you will definitely live to rule Animal kingdom.

From a Humanist.


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2 Comments on “Governor Yahaya Bello Salaries Secret finally Reviewed in an Open Letter By Hon. ALFA RAPHAEL AGALAMA (HARA)”

  1. Vigilante was empowered by Gov. Belo to fought crime in the society but what we see today is different, instead of searching for criminal there involves themselves in fighting common man and take law into their hand by beat one person because of conflict that emerged in between two people or nabourhood, seriously does vigilante need to be train and informed of their function in the society. last month my father was beat to the point of death just because he has conflict with one of our nabour. Yaya Belo do something

  2. As for kogi state, if God remain silent till the next election it will be bloody because some will submit their purity to make sure Bello is out of office and those that are comfortable with his government will also submit what it takes to make sure Bello continue, then emmrgine what this may constitute….

    May the peace of the doctrine of the definition of politics which says that “politics is a war without blood shed” prevail

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