Get A Better Whatsapp Experience With These 4 Hacks


The Whatsapp has already changed the means of communicating with each other. This app has become so successful that now people use it more than the SMS service provided by the mobile network. In the recent past year, the Whatsapp has become the top app for chat, sending and receiving files and now for voice and video chats too. Apart from all these, this app can do other things also which very few people know.

In this article, I am going to tell you about those four features of the Whatsapp that can make your experience much better than before.

1. Whatsapp Web:

With the Whatsapp Web, the Whatsapp has gone beyond the Smartphone’s and people can use it on the laptop or desktop computers too. With the Whatsapp Web, anyone can use all the features of Whatsapp on the big screen. It doesn’t end here. While using the Whatsapp on the computer, your Whatsapp on the Smartphone will be completely synced with the web version so you can save all your conversation on the Smartphone too. But with this, you can do an incredible hack too. By saving your cell phone number as a contact on your phone, you can send files either from a computer to your Smartphone or Smartphone to your computer. Just send any file on your number and you will get it on both platforms.

2. Contact Icon:

Do you have any person with whom you talk a lot on Whatsapp? If you have then I have a good news for you. There is a feature of the Whatsapp that allows you to create a contact icon on your home screen which can directly lead you to the conversation of that one contact with whom you talked a lot. All you have to do is to hold the tap on that particular number till it gets selected. Then click on the colon in the top right corner of the screen and tap the add chat shortcut option. It will create a shortcut on the home screen which can direct you directly to the conversation.

3. Star Messages:

Giving your messages the star status can make the use of Whatsapp much faster and effective. With this, you can save these messages in a separate folder which can be seen at any time. Moreover, by tapping on one of these star messages, you will be directed to the time of the conversation when you either received or sent that message.

4. Whatsapp Broadcast:

Creating the Whatsapp group where all your friends and families can chat and enjoy the moment has become a notion. But sometimes when you have to say something which is not appropriate to say in the group and you think that saying it to all individuals would be a better option, and then Whatsapp also allows you to do it with one of their features. The broadcast option in the Whatsapp which you can find by taping on the colon placed in the top right corner of the screen is a feature which can send a message to everyone in the group. So next time if you need from your friends, but shy to ask it in the group, broadcasting it personally is the best option you got. assignment help

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