You Are a Disappointment,” Angry KSU Graduating Students Tell Campus Reporter

By May Mayor.
Students that just graduated from Kogi State University, Anyigba, have vented their anger on one of their own, Yabagi Mohammed, for what they described as his disappointing article detailing how they had to resort to taking matters into their own hands, by making arrangements of raising funds to pay up their lecturers being owed by the institution.
The reporter had written an article that was published in some national dailies and online websites, detailing how the students, in their attempt to meet up with next batch up national youth service, have begun arrangements to pay those still in possession of their results.
Those who responded to him through various social media platforms and through phone calls, told him he had done more damages to them, mortgaging their futures on the altar of professional journalism.
However, others that are raking in rage, said he had behaved like the biblical Esau, who sold his birthright because of pot of porridge.
Another group however described him as someone that courts controversy, otherwise, he would not have written the article that has inflamed the precarious situation the graduating students face.
One of the first commenter on a Facebook post the drew the attention of the rest to the article, Mr. Sunday Abah, simply told the reporter that he had done more harm with his piece than good on the matter.
In her own reaction, Miss Grace Jonathan told the group that whatever consequences resulted from the matter would be borne by the entire students, while Mr. Ibrahim Salafi, in a long epistle, expressed disappointment on the piece.
Mr. Ibrahim, who described the article as “a misplacement of professionalism and lacking native intelligence,” bemoaned the ingrained lack of consensus among them since their days back in school.
Others who spoke also alleged that the reporter was more conscious about the allowance he was paid for doing the piece, rather than thinking of the many futures that were affected, an allegation that he scoffed over.
He told this reporter that he was never paid a dime to do the story, noting that it was a matter that concerned him and wanted members of the public to know about.
He asked this reporter; “Are you being paid to do this story?” a question that provoked laughter from the two of them. He was however apologetic to those who might feel offended by either the slant or manner of presentation of the piece he did.

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