[Confession Time] Please Help!! I Just Got Pregnant And The Father Of My Child Just Started Showing His True Colours

Today on Link up with Dan, we have the confession segment of a woman who just got pregnant and her husband just started misbehaving.


Please I need advice I’m currently pregnant and the father of my baby just started showing me his true colours when I started showing.

I’ve gotten over all that he has done to me though I’ve accepted this. Everything happens for a reason but my main issue is that I’ve been doing everything own and when I talked to the ungrateful idiot on how we can do this together financially not that I’m not financially stable I’m from a family of a good economical background but he needs to do something too then he said that this child wants to spoil his life and career.

This guy flirts a lot and I’m just tired if him now all I feel when I see him or hear his voice is disgust I’ve totally changed towards him.

My main question is since I’ve decided to take care of my child on my own now I want to put a restraining order so that he will never be able to see this child without my permission.

Do you guys think I’m going too far? because if you know what this guy has done to me these past months you’ll even shoot him. the order day he called a girl baby and told her he lover her in my presence.

Now I’m going to make his life hell for all he has done to me. I even help him sometimes when he needs help but I don’t care about him anymore he can go to hell but I’ll never let him see this child or claim custody of the child and he will never find happiness too since he is comfortable seeing me sad.

So what do you guys think should I do it or am I going too far?. Thanks

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