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EneNaija #The No. 1 Nigerian Information And Entertainment Portal, EneNaija is an online platform that delivers Nigerian and African Latest Music, Videos, Entertainment News, Mixtapes and Instrumentals of your favorite Artists.

EneNaija website was founded in year 2009, by Adamu Abdulrazaq Eneamone Popularly known as “Eneamone Graphix”… EneNaija was Formally “Eneamonez” but was Changed to EneNaija in year 2013, EneNaija is formally a forum running on a wapka, before it was now changed and Running on A WordPress Blog and no more a forum Web, Since 2013 EneNaija has been running on WordPress Platform as an Entertainment Website.

Today EneNaija is running as a WordPress Blog Platform download center, achieving the interpretation of ‘Nigeria’ (Naija) ‘Person’ (Ene) which contains entertainment and downloads.(in context It Means Person Of Nigeria)

Adamu Abdulrazaq Eneamone Popularly known as “Eneamone Graphix” is a Graphics and Web Developer in Nigeria, is a seasoned Computer Engineer, a Certified Network Associate and a Radio Planing, an architect & Optimization Engineer with great passion for Computer, Applications , gadgets and technology @ large.

Eneamone provide a wide variety of IT Solutions, Eneamone is a Professional Web Developer, He play well with various web technologies ranging from PHP, Jquery, CSS5, CSS3, HTML 5, X-HTML, XML Content Management Systems etc.

And He Work with many Artists, Record Labels and many more.

These are skills he have employed in deploying various web solutions across the World. Feel free to ask for his portfolio.

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