9 Things You Should Do To Make Any Guy Go Crazy Over You

Every girl wants the guy they like to be head over heels for them.

Sometimes, however, we become desperate and clingy and that usually ends up repulsing men instead.

However, doing these seven things will definitely have you on his mind constantly:

1. Encourage attention (the good kind) from other men.

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2. Don’t be so quick to reply to his texts. Delay some responses.

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3. Have fun when you are together.

4. Dress up for him.

Image: Kiki’s fashion

5. Don’t be too fast to hang out with him every time he invites you, appear busy.

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6. Don’t have sex with him too soon, be hard to get.

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7. When you finally give it up though, impress him with your bed skills.

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8. Be independent and have your own life, men dislike clingy women.

Image: Ghafla!

9. Show him you’re smart and outstanding; teach him something you’re good at and he’s not – it could be anything from Salsa lessons to making a signature meal to travel tricks.

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