5 best Nollywood actors of 2017 so far

What has been your best movie performance of 2017 so far?
We have seen them all this year; the good, bad, outstanding and the cringeworthy performances.
There are still many great performances expected to come in the second half of the year, but, for now, we are taking a look at striking performances from Nollywood movies that were released before July 1, 2017.
In no particular order, check the out.
1. Seun Ajayi
As already established, "Ojukokoro" is a movie with an ensemble that works so well that it’s almost impossible to single out individual outstanding performances.
But, there’s Seun Ajayi as Monday, a performance that cannot be ignored.
His interpretation of the role reiterates an already established fact; Ajayi is an outstanding performer. His ability to wring humour from unexpected moments makes his character exciting watch.
There’s also his role as Juwon in the Etisalat Prize for Literature short film "Closed." In just nine minutes, Ajayi takes viewers through a journey that explores the power of illiteracy.
He passes tons of messages without speaking even a word.
His ability to effortlessly convey so many emotions with his face is what makes Ajayi one of the finest actors of his generation.
2. Sambasa Nzeribe
Nzeribe as the villain is one role we have all seen him in before. However, it doesn’t take away how perfect he is for the character Tuvi in "Slow Country."
As a drug lord, Nzeribe delivers a mesmeric and bone-deep performance with a ferocity that once again reveals the depth of his acting skills.
The role earned him the 2017 Africa Magic Viewers Choice Best Actor award win » . And rightfully so.
3. Enyinna Nwigwe
As Gbolahan, a married pastor who is forced to confront his sexuality, Nwigwe represent hundreds of Nigerian homosexuals, who live with the fear of becoming second-class citizens because of their sexuality.
There’s a lot of heart and soul in his interpretation of the character as he intensely guides viewers through an avoided and controversial topic – sexuality and spirituality.
4. Emmanuel Ikubese
There are enough performances from "Ojukokoro" to create a list, but there’s one which comes off as a revelation, and it’s Emmanuel Ikubese as a drug addict.
In the movie, Ikubese lets go of the stereotype that has trailed his acting career, delivering an incredibly nuanced performance which sees him pour a large volume of emotions into his character.
He smartly and successfully walks the line of being charming, hilarious and dense. Without trying too hard, he wins over his audience.
5. Shawn Faqua
In "Ojukokoro," Faqua delivered a hypnotic performance as a roguish criminal. He is funny and dark, understanding the film’s blend of violence and comedy.
His use of language is witty, dubious and entertaining. He brings the needed brutality which defines "Ojukokoro" as an action movie.
As a criminal in the Dare Olaitan movie, Faqua is a revelation with an endearing presence.
Which of these performances is your favourite? Did we miss out on your favourite performance? Share in the comment section.

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