16 Disgusting Things We All Do That Seem Normal But Are Not

There are many things we do passively and sometimes we notice while other times we don’t. The gross things we do go unmentioned because they seem normal to us but they are not. We do these things because we are used to our bodies and the people around us. It’s the same way some mothers have no problem sucking mucus from their babies nose, this may sound revolting, but familiarity leads us to do these 16 disgusting things.

1. Picking your nose.

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2. Scratching your genitals around people.

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3.Popping pimples.

4. Not washing your hands with soap after peeing.

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5. Farting in front of people and then trying to act like it doesn’t smell.

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6. Using the same towel for over two weeks.

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7. Get so close to your pets that you end up sleeping with that cat or dog. This is nasty.

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8. Peeing a little on your panties but staying with it till the next day.

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9. Not showering because you are not leaving the house.

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10. Talking with your mouth full.

11. Checking the toilet paper after pooping.

12. Just think about it, your bed is super disgusting. You do the nasty in there, sleep in there with your dirty clothes.

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13. Peeing in the swimming pool.


14. Burping out loud, yes it is natural but surely we don’t need to hear that.

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15. Using the phone when in the toilet is definitely unsanitary.

16. Peeing while showering.

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