15 Things That Happens To Every Girl After A Breakup

Breakups are tough

Being a relationship can be nice and jolly until the dreaded breakup happens. Nursing heartbreak is the worst kind of pain. Here are some things that usually happen after a breakup.

1. You cry a lot because you’re so heartbroken

After a breakup, most girls just sit down and have a good cry.

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2. Then you call all your friends to tell them about the breakup

You call your girlfriends and tell them about the breakup so they can help you feel better.

3.Your girl friends come over to comfort you

After the phone calls, your girl friends might come over to console you and cheer you up. This usually involves them saying things like ‘He didn’t deserve you anyway’

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4. And then you cry even more when they say bad things about him

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5. You think about the fun times you had and all the amazing future plans you made

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6. And you remember that you guys had plans to get married


7. You even picked your kids’ names

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8. You reread old text messages and wonder where it all went wrong


9. You scroll through your phone and delete all the pictures of him

Because you want to erase him from your memory.

10. You get angry and destroy his stuff

You think about how much he hurt you and then you express the anger by destroying anything he owns that you can lay your eyes on.

11. You stalk his social media

You stalk his social media pages to see if he has moved on and get even angrier when you see that he’s living without a care in the world.

12. And consider sending him a text

13. But you chicken out because you’d be even more hurt if he does not respond

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14. You change your hair just so you can feel like a brand new person

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15. But deep down inside you know you still miss bae

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