15 Signs She Is About To Break Up With You Soon

You never really expect it when a girl wants to break up with you, she takes her time.

She is like a lioness watching her prey while slowly moving silently in the darkness then boom, she just jumps on her prey and bites the neck. Yup, that’s your girlfriend right there, waiting to let you go and it could be for either valid of invalid reasons. Either way my dear brother, you need to stay woke and reading these signs is the first way to do so.

1. She’s not into your dirty talk vibe.

2. All over sudden she doesn’t even call you babe or any pet names.

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3. She was the talkative one and now all of a sudden she doesn’t talk a lot.

4. She doesn’t even complain if you don’t communicate with her because she is busy.

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5. She now has too much of a life for you and says she is finding herself.

6. She doesn’t laugh at your silly jokes anymore.

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7. There’s this new guy who she is always with that is your replacement.

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8. She takes time before she responds to your texts, like hours.

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9. She doesn’t want to visit you in your house anymore because she doesn’t want sex.

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10. She is always on her phone even when you’re right there.

passenger snopping at your phone

11. She used to get jealous and now she doesn’t care if you happen to look at another girl.

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12. She does all the things you didn’t like, like her going out with that guy you loathe.

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13. Her attitude is just negative and annoying.

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14. She drops questions like “Do you think we should be together?”

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15. She used to want to impress you but now she could care less.



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