11 Types Of Friends You Should Cut Off For Your Own Good

The fact remains, that friends will always influence your life in a great way.

The friends you keep, shape your life in one way or another regardless of how much control you think you have over your life. These people become your family and depending on who you choose, your life can be a great mess or evolve to be something great. Reality is, you will need to go through a number of different friends that will either make or break you in certain ways. Before you know it, you end up with three true friends and this is when you know you have reached a certain level of maturity where you need no new friends. However, for your own good if you still have

However, for your own good if you still have these kinds of friends in your life it is best to cut them off.

1. Friends who are only there for the party life.

These kinds of friends don’t even know where you eat or sleep but they are just there for the drinking. Sorry to say but these friends do not add any kind of real value to your life. They will soon be gone the minute you decide to take a chill pill and be the Netflix and chill kind of person. You don’t necessarily have to cut them off but also don’t put them as a priority.

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2. Friends who ignore you for no good reason.

If you have a friend that just communicates when it’s essential to them, then they are as fake as a weave. These kinds of friends are not the kind you can call if you ran into trouble instead, they don’t pick your calls or they will just leave you hanging for God knows what reason. A real friend makes time to check up on you or at least return your phone call.

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3. Friends who cannot sympathize with your issues.

There are people like this, these are people who cannot connect with your issues. You may tell them you are dying and they start telling you about their new job that pays KSh 200,000 but they are so bored. In short, their problems are somehow bigger than yours and you are secondary to them. If you cannot open up to your friend for support then what are they doing in your life?

4. You’re always the one trying to make time for them.

Yes, you text them, call and now you feel like you are nagging and it’s not even a relationship. A person who cares about you will generally look for you even for a simple cup of tea.

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5. They talk behind your back like loyalty means nothing to them.

You have been told numerously that he/she always talks sh**t behind your back but you still let them in your life. You expose yourself to them and they go dishing out information about you like you’re the entertainment of the year. You would rather have no friends than have such a beast in your life.

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6. Jealous friends are a waste of time.

After a while, jealous friends will start to sneer at you when you talk about your relationship or anything good in your life. If you start feeling uncomfortable every time you want to tell your friend good news then you need to rethink. Jealous friends are usually more pleased with the miserable stories you tell them about your life.

7. Negative friends that never have anything nice to say.

8. Sorry to say but friends who keep asking for money from you or other materials are a no.

Helping a friend out is okay but when you become like the handy person who takes care of every bill and all that then you basically have an adult child as a friend.

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9. Someone you can’t even trust with your spouse.

These are the Mr-steal-your-girls or Miss-steal-your-man. Be very wary of such friends because they will laugh with you while sleeping with bae at the same time. Which just means you ditch the bae and friend as well.

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10. Those that abandon you when you need them.

Such friends are never there for the long haul, as a matter of fact, they are mostly friendly only when you have been paid or something good is happening in your life. You honestly don’t need unreliable friends.

11. Ones who don’t really have life goals.

Sorry, but the values you have as a person should be similar to what your friends believe in. So it is great that you respect people’s life choices but if someone believes that the sky is red while you believe it’s blue then you are as different as night and day. Hanging out with like minded people is always better for your emotional and mental health.

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